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Education decides the quality of an individual’s life. It improves one’s knowledge, skills and develops one’s personality and attitude. Most noteworthy, it affects the chances of employment for people and upgrades their lifestyle. Many believe that investment in education pays the best interest. It is not just to read and write but to make use of it for one’s own growth and development. A holistic approach to education is extremely essential to ensure benefit to students.

Atlanta Initiative Foundation’s education programmes across uttar pradesh focus on the underprivileged and vulnerable children (children of migrant workers, daily wage earner, construction workers, orphan and abandoned children, differently abled, slum children, etc) who are at the bottom of access to education and have difficulties in achieving the learning outcome.

We try to empower these children with knowledge, skills and values so that they become capable and grow up to become responsible, gender-equal and empathetic citizens of society.

In today's spectrum the girls are also the most vulnerable and weakest link in the society.

The key to socio-economic growth of girls/women is Education. Almost 75% of the students in our organization consist of girls. Thus we compliment the concept of, 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao'.

Some highlights of our initiative

  • We have provided educational aid and supported the remuneration of teachers, therapists, and counsellors in many schools.
  • Workshops on important issues like Good Touch & Bad Touch, Recycling of Waste material, Gender Equality, Environmental issues etc.
  • Workshops on Moral values and Psychological issues etc also organised. are
  • Celebrating National Holidays, birthdays and important festivals.
  • Each child is unique. We teach each child at their own learning level using non formal, innovative and practical methods
  • Develop a strong sense of social and civic responsibility through value education.
  • We also work with their families so that these children receive a positive atmosphere at home where they can grow and enjoy their childhood too.
  • We also provide education to those children who do not, or cannot, go to school.
  • We try to create awareness about the Rights of Children and the unique challenges faced by children of Migrant Workers.
  • Providing Vocational Training by developing Computer and English Speaking skills is an integral part of our Programme.
  • We build their self confidence by staging various programmes of children and by interaction sessions. several
  • Looking after the health and Hygiene of the Children and their families. We arrange psychological counselling for children to overcome their fears and doubts.
  • We want children to know about our great Cultural heritage and values. Special Session arranged for this purpose.
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