Our Objectives

  • To stop the migration of educated youth and make them aware of self-employment by the means available in their own areas.
  • Empowerment of farming communities by formation of farmer producer organizations (FPO), Farmer Interest Groups (FIG’s) etc.
  • Women awareness, formation of Mahila Mangal Dal, Self-Help-Groups.
  • Women empowerment by making them realize about their innate power and by encouraging them towards self-employment.
  • Integrated Nutrition and Health.
  • Training and Capacity Building.
  • Expansion of education.
  • To train & motivate women groups for extra income generation through farming.
  • Women Empowerment & Gender Sensitization.
  • Drinking Water supply and Sanitation.
  • Water Management and preparation of DPR.
  • PRA, RRA and DPR work of Integrated Watershed Management Programmes.
  • Execution of Awareness Campaign on Financial Literacy, Literacy and Health issues.